It’s all about Mi

23 05 2010

Mirit Weinstock is a fashion designer based Israel who has embraced Social Media and built an interactive, engaged community around her designs in a very creative way. Weinstock launched an international fashion project (View interview here) called MissMi. MissMi invites women from around the world to take personal self-portraits while wearing Weinstock’s designs.

Every few days, a new MiGirl is selected and her profile is posted on the project’s home page. The profile will present:

  • the new MiGirl ‘s self portrait
  • a personal questionnaire
  • links to photo sharing sites she takes part in, her own website or websites that inspire her.

These girls/women also become ambassador’s of the collection in their local area, facilitating media coverage and general promotion of Weinstock’s designs. All members and participants in this project gain points which can later be used to buy items through the website e.g. Collect 50% of a garment’s price and only pay 50% of its cost!

The website features a fashion forum/blog named Dialogue, where members post articles about fashion/Internet/art and how they affect each other.