It’s all about Mi

23 05 2010

Mirit Weinstock is a fashion designer based Israel who has embraced Social Media and built an interactive, engaged community around her designs in a very creative way. Weinstock launched an international fashion project (View interview here) called MissMi. MissMi invites women from around the world to take personal self-portraits while wearing Weinstock’s designs.

Every few days, a new MiGirl is selected and her profile is posted on the project’s home page. The profile will present:

  • the new MiGirl ‘s self portrait
  • a personal questionnaire
  • links to photo sharing sites she takes part in, her own website or websites that inspire her.

These girls/women also become ambassador’s of the collection in their local area, facilitating media coverage and general promotion of Weinstock’s designs. All members and participants in this project gain points which can later be used to buy items through the website e.g. Collect 50% of a garment’s price and only pay 50% of its cost!

The website features a fashion forum/blog named Dialogue, where members post articles about fashion/Internet/art and how they affect each other.


Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

12 02 2010

Wow, Lee Alexander McQueen is no more. It was reported as a possible suicide in his London flat late last week. He is thought to have been depressed over his mother’s recent death.

We were not close in fact we never met. I couldn’t even afford a stitch of the clothing he designed. But, I like many others appreciated his often irreverent, uncompromising vision.

I will always remember him when he first came onto the scene. Why? Because he requested that his interviews be conducted with his back to the camera. Eccentric? Yes. Ultimately a kick-ass designer? Goes without saying.

The Internet, in its ever ravenous immediacy, is more up to date than ever. His Web site has been replaced by a death notice, his Twitter account has been deactivated but the Internet is alive with commentary by the media, fashion sites, celebrities etc. on this sad news. A/Some UK newspapers even have photographs of him being carried out of his home! As I reach his Facebook page, fully expecting it to be gone, I breath a sigh of relief when I find that it is being update by the minute with messages from his fans whose numbers have reached over 85,000 to date. It has made a quick transition to a memorial page.

McQueen once said that he was too tired to Tweet but none the less he found the wherewithal to post his first message on September 1, 2009 through his @McQueenWorld account ~ “STRESSED! Microwave head meltdown! Sparks flying out of my brain! Preparing for the show—Lee McQueen.” As I mentioned, I went to his Twitter page but inspite of it silently announcing “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” I am glad that he did and that he had the opportunity to share his fashion with a world that came to embrace his unique vision. (Photo: Released by Gaga of herself and McQueen)

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen.

Goo Goo for GaGa

26 01 2010

To say that 23 year old Stephani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga’s persona is a little off centre would be an understatement. But behind this modern day Glam Pop performance artist lurks the mind of a marketing and social media genius. Consider this:

  • 20,000 to upwards of 13 million views on YouTube
  • Over 4 million Facebook friends
  • Nearly 2.5 million followers on Twitter

Everyone is goo goo for Gaga, she’s all over YouTube with music videos and performances that are rarely ever performed in the same way twice. Nor does she wear the same outfit twice.

Love her or hate her when she steps out in public the cameras start snapping and the online posts soar. Chatrooms and Websites are alive with commentary about everything ranging from her fashion to questions about her sexuality.

Her marketing mix uses all available channels including print, radio, TV, social media, and Websites (official and unofficial), to reach out to and keep her fans up-to-date on all things Gaga. Furthermore, she forms/accepts strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial e.g. performing with Beyonce in the “Video phone” video and with fashion designers.

It is also fair to say that she inspires the creation of unofficial Web sites specifically about her fashion or general information from her “number one” little monsters aka fans.


Here is an exerpt from Gaga’s recent Tweets:



warming up for the show. i can hear u screaming from my dressing room. slutty little monsters about 19 hours ago from web

The team of doctors and nurses who saved my dads life came to the monsterball, one of the best nights of my life performing for u.Rejoice NY 11:47 PM Jan 21st from web

what a show last night, my little monsters are everything.thinking its time to get a little monster tattoo.thoughts? headed to rehearsal 7:57 AM Jan 21st from web

Makes clicking good sense!

Polaroid had the good sense to snap her up as their creative director on a specialty line of imaging products. During a short Q&A, Gaga noted that she “was outraged,” when Polaroid stopped making cameras and film. “I’m interested in bringing it back … (and) combining it with the digital era and making something new.” Gaga said that her “creative partnership” with Polaroid is not an endorsement deal. “We won’t be selling cameras with my face on them,” she said. “I’m working on bringing the instant film camera back as part of the future.”

So, it is clear that she is there for more than her colourful personality. But, she would be THE most interesting figurehead wouldn’t she? But again, she’s probably got another surprise up her sleeve regarding her role/goals in the world of the clicking suits. But I would love to see the revival of the Polaroid Instant cam so bring it on Gaga!

Fashion! Turn to the left…

Lady G. wears unique designer outfits and costumes, which garner tons of coverage across many media outlets for their creativity or plain outlandish qualities. She is styled by a personal stylist, Nicola Formichetti, in conjunction with Haus of Gaga, which is her very behind the scenes creative team that also designs her stage sets and props.

One of her impressive high profile partnerships has been with Alexander McQueen. Lady Gaga apparently collaborated on the designs in his 2010 Spring/Summer collection, launched “Bad Romance” during fashion show AND wore some of the fabulous pieces in her video. McQueen’s collection titled, Plato’s Atlantis, was live-streamed on Nick Knight’s, intercut with the photographer’s premade video footage. However, 30 minutes before the show, Gaga Twittered that McQueen was about to premiere her new single. Her millions of followers crashed the site. Now, if that’s not cross-promotion at its best, I don’t know what is.

Nicola Formichetti

Nicola, has styled ad campaigns for Uniqlo, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen to name a few but he doesn’t usually like to work with celebrities. However, a chance meeting with Lady G led him to find an outrageous kindred spirit in her. And and the rest is history.

Alexander McQueen – 10 to 12 inchers?

I just HAVE to comment on this impossibly jaw dropping creations. which are apparently protected by copyright. When I saw these shoes in Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video they jogged a latent memory and thanks to the archival forces of the Internet and social media I was able to dislodge it.

McQueen has redefined and glammed up Ballet heels (See photo of black footwear). He did away with the patent and laces and bulked up the top of the shoe and added a slightly convexed heel. McQueen has essentially reclaimed them from the land of S&M for the runway… and Socialite, Daphne Guiness was the first to don these bad boys in public. [side note: I would love to see an xray of this new version in order to get a better idea of their construction e.g. how high is the platform? what is the actual position of the ball of the foot and toes? I’m in denial and just can’t believe that they’re REALLY on pointe! OUCH and congrats to the models who wore them but I’m more on side with those who said HELL NO!]

However, a couple of celebs have sported the original versions in their videos namely Beyonce (Green Light), Pink (U and Ur Hand), Christina Aguilera (Hard), Meg White of White Stripes (Blue Orchid), and Lady Gaga herself. So what’s old is new again…but now marinated in pop culture with a touch of haute fashion… and a heftier price tag I’m sure.

So, is Lady G. a maven of modern media or a flash in the pop culture pan?