BlogHer ’10…NYC here we come!

5 08 2010

It’s been too long since my last post! I have nothing but excuses however, I’m thinking that this year’s BlogHer Conference in New York City will reignite the passionate blogger spirit in me 🙂 Yep, I’m heading to the Big Apple with my blogger buddy, “the Accidental Natural” and we will have a blast. Yes, we will conference. Yes, we will network. But we will also shop, shop , shop and eat, eat, eat (or is that just me speaking for me?). I also plan to post and tweet as much as possible, which is a new experience for me, so watch this space!


New York… or click!

5 06 2010

The Big Apple is looking to hire its first Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to assist them in leveraging social media to the city’s advantage.

Once on board, the CDO will also “help to develop forward-thinking policies on social media, digital communication, Web 2.0 initiatives, and other tools to better serve the public.” The CDO will be expected to develop new ways to keep residents informed and engaged, ensure that the city sends consistent messages and makes all of this information accessible.

To do this the CDO will work with the Mayor’s office of operations and the Press Office as well as the NYC Law Department in order to integrate existing multimedia content from various city outlets with the city’s website. There’s alot more to this role so click here for more deets. Good Luck!

It’s all about Mi

23 05 2010

Mirit Weinstock is a fashion designer based Israel who has embraced Social Media and built an interactive, engaged community around her designs in a very creative way. Weinstock launched an international fashion project (View interview here) called MissMi. MissMi invites women from around the world to take personal self-portraits while wearing Weinstock’s designs.

Every few days, a new MiGirl is selected and her profile is posted on the project’s home page. The profile will present:

  • the new MiGirl ‘s self portrait
  • a personal questionnaire
  • links to photo sharing sites she takes part in, her own website or websites that inspire her.

These girls/women also become ambassador’s of the collection in their local area, facilitating media coverage and general promotion of Weinstock’s designs. All members and participants in this project gain points which can later be used to buy items through the website e.g. Collect 50% of a garment’s price and only pay 50% of its cost!

The website features a fashion forum/blog named Dialogue, where members post articles about fashion/Internet/art and how they affect each other.

The Pope goes Social!

26 01 2010

Pope Benedict XVI uses YouTube, Facebook and iPhone apps? Who knew? Well, he is now encouraging the Catholic clergy to reach out to their congregation and beyond using blogs and social media.

The Pope was right on point in his reasoning that communication has changed from traditional to online interactions. In his message, he called on priests to harness technology to evangelize and teach. He further said, “Priests are thus challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of A/V resources (images, videos, animated features, blogs and websites) which, alongside traditional means, can open up broad new vistas for dialogue, evangelization and catechesis.”

I have to hand it to the Pope for being so forward thinking. He is taking his message to the current believers, and possibly potential ones, through a medium that has become a primary source in their lives. But can religion communicate effectively and truly keep its integrity in the social media sphere?

…clicking my way closer to modernity!

16 09 2009

Retro_WomanSo, I am challenging myself to exit the comfortable familiarity of the dark ages to become an active participant in the world of social networking. I mean fully immersed as in I am totally committed to the permanent exchange of my typewriter and ribbon for a snazzy laptop.

I am one of the seeming few who is only marginally engaged in social networks as a modern day pastime or essential activity, depending on who you’re speaking to texting. In fact, I am commonly known to be voluntarily, and adamantly, disconnected from ALL social networks (I also often forget to turn on my cell) and have been called anti-social on more than one occasion (hence the name of this blog ;0). This moniker has not bothered me in the least as I CHERISH my privacy and have many doubts and issues concerning these networks. All of my many online related quirks will soon become painfully apparent.

As an outsider looking in [cue your personal choice of anthem or inspirational music], my opinion has often been that  sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. etc. are contributing to the eradication (a bit of an over statement, maybe just a dent) of/in personal privacy, a decline in interpersonal communication and thereby our collective ability to communicate articulately AND to the dilution and trivialization of the true definition of the word friend [end scene]. But I digress. This is just the tip of my theoretical iceberg.

Overall, I’m looking forward to smashing my soapbox and learning how to use all these fancy schmancy techy environments to share my thoughts and hopefully read your responses. Whatever the result it all comes down to the fact that Dear Auntie Social is now just a few clicks closer to becoming a believer!