Paging @PRGIRLS!

17 10 2016

Ok, so DKNY PR GIRL is revealed to be Aliza Licht, who is amazing all by herself. So amazing that she’s gone on to leave DKNY and her role of SVP Global Communications, accept speaking engagements, write a book entitled “Leave Your Mark: Landing Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media”  and launched a company called “Leave Your Mark” (book VS company – not sure which happened first…but they all surely happened!”).

But PRGIRL fever is spreading…much like their wings as they head off seemingly en masse for new horizons.

Erika Bearman (Totally unrelated but check out her colourful Hamptons home!), the author behind the popular @OscarPRGIRL has also left her post as SVP Global Communications for Oscar de la Renta after six years with the company. Erika has launched a Consultancy and Oscar de la Renta is her first client. She’ll be advising the company on communications and branding.

XOXO Erika…kind of 😉