Masculettos…a well-heeled history

5 06 2010

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with social media but everything to do with fashion…

The red carpet has been rolled out on a familiar stumbling ground heralding the return of what I have dubbed the “Masculetto” i.e. stilettos for men and I say bring them on…again!

Men have worn heels since the sixteenth century, but it was all about function over fashion i.e. Horsemen wore them to keep their feet in their stirrups. Overall, heels were primarily for the wealthy who could afford to wear them to rise above the garbage and mud in the streets. Heels then resurfaced with the Beatles, then Disco revamped them reappearing as platforms on the Elton John then Prince came along and rocked out in some real teeter totters. I’ve skipped over a few influential decades and people but  I can’t close the history books without a nod to cuban heels and glam rock bands.

Nicholas Lestage designed shoes for King Louis XIV, some which had heels of more than a four inches in height. Today, Masculettos are being designed by the likes of Jean-Michel Cazabat, Rick Owens (see photo above) and androgynous options from Rad Hourani.

I imagine that only a few ultra-uber, painfully chic, artsy misters will be strutting in these vices of pain. But who knows, history shows that I may be wrong.